Mom and Dad, I love you

Mom and Dad, no matter how far I may wander, my heart will always be here with you.

Growing up, I never lacked love or care; my parents were always with me each step I took in life. I lived with them throughout my high school days, as there was no reason for choosing a boarding school; I can’t stay far away from them.

In my college days, I wasn’t far away from them either. They were professors and were living within the school premises; I didn’t want to be another place if not home.

I Love My Mom and Dad

Having my mom and dad as parents make me the luckiest person on earth; I found a best friend in them.

They were with me practically every moment of my life, and my mates will always mock me that I’m a mommy’s pet, but I knew better than anyone that they wished to be in my shoes. My parents never missed any of my school functions, and even when I felt I was losing it, they were always there to cheer me up.

My parents believe in dialogue and not using a rod to train up a child. I’m happy to be their child, and will always thank God for letting me come into the lives of these lovely couples.

Right now, I’m far away from them as I’m doing my masters abroad, and I can’t stay any day without talking to them on skype. I never missed counting the days I’m meant to be done with my studies so that I will be with them once again.