The best gift I have ever had came from God, I call him Dad

People might think that superheroes don’t exist. Some call it animations that will never possibly exist.

Superheroes are not one the Marvel DC plays or just shows; they are the people we see every day. We have them in our midst without even realizing it.

All dads are superheroes. The best gift I have ever had is to have someone I can call dad and my superhero.

Dad, you are my superman. You fight my wars like they are yours; you often deem it not necessary to shop so that I will wear the best.

You are my biggest fan and motivator. You have shown me so much care and unrequited love I never felt was possible.

You have taught me a lot that I wonder if you are truly a human or an angel in a human body.

You filled in the role of a mother and father correctly that I grew up not believing there’s someone like a mother.

You were always there for me, even in situations I didn’t deem necessary. You are my best friend and the best soul I ever met.

I love you so much, dad. As the father’s day is approaching and on the same day is your birthday, I don’t think it is just a coincidence. You are the best dad in the whole world.

I will always celebrate you each day of my life because you are a true hero. I love you so much dad, more than you can imagine. Keep living for me.

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