I love my Dad

Dad, I may be all grown up, but in my heart, I will always be your little girl; I love you.

It’s quite funny how time flies; it still feels so fresh like yesterday when you always helped me button up my clothes, and open the car doors for me to get in.

I can still remember vividly our Sunday outings to the mall, and how we could play around the mall until I was too tired of running all over the place.

As I close my eyes I can still remember the day mummy was laid to rest; I thought I could see her again and never shed a tear as she was laid to rest.

I was little, and I saw how you were bottling up your emotions, to be strong for me. I can still remember the nights when I could enter your room, and watch you sobbing holding mom’s picture in your hands.

I love you Dad

I love you dad for putting smiles on my face, and being with me even at my worst times. Thank you for being with me every moment of my life, and not forsaking me.

The smile on your face as you walked me down the aisle was priceless, and I hope to put smiles on your face all the time.

cherish the moment spent with dad

I will forever cherish the moments we spent together, thank you for being my father, family, and a best friend. I can’t wait to have kids, so I will tell them how close we were, and share the same moments with them.

I love you so much dad, and I will always remain your little girl.