Your peace is important

Man is bound to have doubts and unanswerable questions and laments to situations we often can help. He keeps on bugging himself, trying to find answers and why some phenomena occur. Even when the answers come, we seek to know more.

Man is born with a natural philosophical instinct; to always ask and think. We have been tight situations, where we feel that all hope is lost; we are at the verge of getting crazy in trying to understand things beyond our reach.

We often tend to look for answers hoping to find peace in them, but it only triggers numerous questions. I once kept asking God why he allowed the cold hands of death to take my only sister. I had restless and sleepless nights thinking about death and what would happen next.

I could go hours trying to understand why it happened the way it did. I only ended up driving myself crazy. Thinking about a situation, we can never solve a problem, and it only gets worse. Thinking is a threat to our inner peace.

Our body tranquillity gets startled, and that’s why we get crazy when we over-think, too much of everything has never been good. Your peace should be your priority. Let those memories go. It might seem hard, but it is not impossible.

We feel taunted by the past and situations we never saw coming, and we should let it go. You deserve to be happy and not dwelling in the past because the future is bright.

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