You should always come before others

Most, at times, we tend to overlook our welfare because of others.

Selflessness is a great attribute, but we shouldn’t lose ourselves in the process of saving others.

Do not become small for people who have refused to grow up and be better.

You should always come first before others. Save yourself first before thinking about another.    

You shouldn’t be with toxic people all in the name of no one knows tomorrow, or you have faith they will change for the better.

Toxic relationships are the worst of it. Some terrible traits never seem to leave the human gene. You should work away from such people.

Your happiness should come before others. You can only share joy if you have it.

Create your happiness first, and others can tap from it. You shouldn’t shrink yourself because of someone else’s comfort.

Do not become a sadist because of others, and you should come first.

Self-love is the greatest of all. One who doesn’t love himself can’t love others. You should learn to put yourself first at all costs.

At times in the process of trying to satisfy others or prove a point, we often seem to go below our standard. We shouldn’t do that because of others and what they might say.

You should put yourself first doesn’t mean that one should not care for others or become inhuman. It is more like making yourself to be in a better situation to help others.

A sick doctor can’t treat an ill patient, more reason why you should put yourself first before others.

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