You do not have to always explain yourself

Learn how to be okay with people not knowing your side of the story; you have nothing to prove to anyone.

They are always going to say whatever they deem fit, so why bother?

When I was in college during my second year, which was one of the worst moments of my life apart from losing my parents.

I never people could be so mean as to destroy my image just because I couldn’t explain their never-ending questions.

I came to school on one bright Monday and noticed the gazes the students were giving me; I wasn’t the popular or controversial one.

I didn’t know the cause of the side talks either as it seemed like everyone was pointing at me and saying things God knows what.

Immediately I settled on my locker the school guidance and counseling unit called me to their office and I was beginning to get scared because I didn’t know what I did wrong and that was the first time too.

I went into their office and the counselor started by giving me talks about living the life of immorality and I was confused; I questioned and that was when he told me what was being peddled around in school.

I knew it was no other person, but my roommates that started such rumors. I was always out in the night and they must have concluded I was living an unrighteous life. Little did they know that I always organize night tutorial classes for students; I had, to be able to pay my fees and take care of my younger ones.

The counseling unit called them to order and they faced the consequences of their actions.

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