You deserve to be loved

Every human being has emotions and feelings. People might act so tough and unyielding, but they all want to be loved.

Everyone deserves to be loved and to be missed; you deserve to have someone who notices the emptiness in the air when you are not around.

We all deserve someone who understands the looks in our eyes, unsaid words, and fake smiles. There was a rude girl in my class, who everyone dreaded. She had no friends in class and talks to no one.

When I entered the school as a late entry student, I noticed she never associates with anyone. Everyone called her rude and arrogant; she always keeps a straight face.

Luckily, I started associating with her, when she smiles; all I see was hidden pains and many unfulfilled wishes. We became close, but she never let me into her heart. She told me she is never going to let anyone in again. I later heard her stories; she is the only daughter of a billionaire dad.

I thought she had everything until she told me about herself. Her parents were always on business trips and no one cares for her. They never once celebrated her birthday with her, they only sent gifts.

All she ever wished for was to be loved, it made her desperate and she met the wrong people along the way. She decided never to let people into her life, she shut everyone out. She had all the material things, but no one loved her. Show love to people, everyone deserves to love and be loved.

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