You Are Going to Piss Off a Lot of Persons When You Change

When you get statements like these: “You suddenly stopped talking to me,” ” Why are you acting so high and mighty ”  or the most popular one ” you have changed, “it means you are probably making some much-needed changes to your life, or you just became a terrible person.

Let us hope it is the former.

There is a saying that change is the one constant thing in life. Seasons change, stock prices change if inanimate things can change how much more a human being.

Change for a human being can be good or bad.

When the change promotes growth, we can say that change is good.

Part of growing is the ability to recognize what is good for you and then making efforts to do it.

You will think that your decision to start doing what is best for you will be appreciated by everyone in your life.  Experience has shown that a lot of the time , when people start to make changes to their life, even if they are good changes, there is a tendency for a good number of people to not be happy.

Why? Why wouldn’t the people who say they care about you not be happy that you are growing?

The truth is that not everyone cares. People generally can be selfish, and when they see someone they can use, they are quick to cling to them.

You can now understand why such a person choosing to change will not go down well with everyone.

You may have such persons in your life, people who have been favored by your previous life—the people who gain a lot from the person you used to be.

These are the ones who will protest and protest loudly once you choose to make improvements to yourself.

They know that the new changes will not give them room to manipulate or use you. They will go out of their way to discourage you from changing.

Be prepared.

When you make the decision to make changes that are good for you, be ready to face opposition from people. You will be pissing off a lot of people whenever you decide to do things that are good for you.

Make up your mind to stick with your growth decisions regardless of the push backs and opposition.

Prepare yourself to lose some people. A lot of persons will walk away from your life. They will not be able to cope with the new you as they will not find it easy to manipulate the new you.

Changes like this are good because they reveal those who are true and those who are not.

It may be hard to see people who you have known for a long time walk away from your life because you have “changed.” You have to prepare your mind for such situations.

Your focus should be on growing and getting better. At the end of the day, not only will you be doing what is best for you, but you will also know who your true friends are.


  1. I love these last two the most. I am a sensitive person n also have gone though a lot of changes. Im the one walking away from some of my friends. It’s just not worth the pain. Starting a new life with some of my friends still being my friends, Have to stay around the positive people, and not the negative ones or hurting ones. Happy Easter. Thank you for the articles, I am really enjoying them.

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