You are amazing

Some of you are unaware of the kind of joy you bring to someone’s life, the way you bring smiles and lift other people when they are down.

The most beautiful soul is one who can put a smile on other people’s face amidst what he/ she is passing through.    

The wonders of a smiling face are, at times, underestimated. A warm smile can melt anger that can be as hard as ice. A smile can confuse an approaching frown. A smile can be transferred without knowing it.

A smile is the most beautiful accessories. It can hide a lot of pains and regrets.

You can transfer a smile to someone without even knowing it. Spread love and happiness if you can. You can never see the kind of hurt or pain you can be saving someone from by lighting up their day.

One of the greatest legacies is touching the lives of people. Have you ever wondered about what people will say at your dismiss? Whose life have you reached or affected?

The best investment or plan is investing in people. Create happiness for people if you can. You are amazing if you can lift others.

 The greatest commandment is to love God and your neighbor. Spread love and happiness to the people around you. You can never know how broken one is until you love them. You can save a depressed person from suicide by just caring and showing them unrequited love.

Be an amazing soul today, spread love and happiness.

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