Yes, i made different choices

I have seen better days, and even days you wish you never existed.

I have made choices that ruined me, and even those around me. I have done things that could have cost my life and even more. I know they are all in the past, and helped me into becoming a better person.

Mistakes are also parts of growing up. We can deny that once beaten twice shy. Mistakes are part of experiences, they help in creating a better future for us. Experiences makes us stronger and wiser.

There maybe some choices we made in life, that maybe good or bad. We have done it, and can’t change them. They are all in the past, and helped you grow up.

Move on to become a better person that you will forever be proud of. I have seen people who never got over mistakes they made when they were younger.

I have a friend who never got over the trauma of having an abortion. She said she had no choice, and she had to do it. She was pressurized into it, without her parents asking how she felt. It wasn’t her fault that the man she thought that she could spend the rest of her lives with, ditched her, on her supposed wedding day.

She regretted ever listening to her parents as each year reminds her of how old the child could have been. Well, whatever costly mistake or decision we made in the past should be in the past. We should move past them, and aim for a better future.

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