Women claim that their job is to make life easier for their husbands, because they spend five hours a day in their kitchens.

Millions of women have entered the workforce over the past century. Gender roles that were rigid are no longer necessary in today’s society. Married couples partition their obligations in a substantially more fair manner.

However, there are undoubtedly some women, even in his generation, who are determined to uphold certain gender roles to the best of their abilities.

Estee Williams, who is 25 years old, is married to Connor, who is 23 years old. Estee’s status as a “tradwife” has sparked outrage online. She would rather be a traditional wife (or housewife), where she takes care of all of the housework. As a wife, she happily fulfills her gender role.

Estee was concentrating on meteorology when she met her current spouse in 2020. The Virginia couple quickly fell in love and realized they shared many things. The husband is an electrician full-time. Additionally, Estee stated that she dislikes him coming home to complete the task. She rarely gets asked to participate.

She does more than just clean and cook for him. But she allows him to control her day; Without him, she won’t go to the gym. She won’t buy anything except food without his permission either. Additionally, she tries to get her makeup and hair done before he coming home.

Although the couple has not yet become parents, when they do, they anticipate that Estee will remain at home to care for the children and the house. Additionally, they intend to homeschool their children to control what they “consume academically.”

Estee experienced childhood in a wrecked home, she saw her mom battle after her separation of her dad. The 25 years old is of the opinion that women cannot possess everything. Even though some people are quick to call her “lazy” for not contributing financially, she enjoys not having to worry about finding work or paying the bills.

As a developed grown-up woman, Estee has the option to pick how she needs to manage her life. Do you agree with her choices? Comment below with your thoughts.

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