Woman wears white to her son’s wedding because she dislikes his bride, and the next day, the son publicly insults her.

Lots of women imagine wearing a beautiful dress on their wedding. They want to look great on that special day, which starts a new part of their lives. The woman in this story felt the same but didn’t know what her mother-in-law planned.

The groom’s dad wrote a long post on Reddit, talking about what happened with his wife, the bride, and the groom. He thought his wife got what she deserved during their son’s wedding.

The guy mentioned that his wife, who he loves a lot, isn’t always very nice. She can be a bit mean sometimes, but he feels she makes his life better. He also mentioned that she doesn’t like her son’s fiancée.

“Recently, her son got married, and she really dislikes the bride for no clear reason,” he said. He added that his wife joked about wearing white to her son’s wedding, but no one thought she was serious, including the bride.

What Happened at the Wedding?

Surprisingly, the mom wore a long white dress to her son’s wedding, wanting to upset the bride. The man told his wife it was a bad idea, but she didn’t listen. He tried hard to stop her from wearing white, but she did it anyway.

The bride cried when she saw her mother-in-law in a white dress. The young girl didn’t think her mother-in-law would grab attention by wearing white on her special day.

The woman’s purposeful action to upset the bride also bothered her son. As a result, he decided to get back at his mother the next day. He got his wife’s nephews to do something that ended up making the woman mad.

Because the groom knew his mom loved kids, he believed his revenge plan would succeed. Following his directions, one kid chatted with the woman to keep her busy, while another kid took a chocolate cupcake and spread the frosting on her seat.

Without knowing what the kids did, the woman sat down and got a brown stain on her dress. Her husband saw it happen but didn’t speak up because he thought she deserved it. He had warned her earlier that wearing white to her son’s wedding might cause problems. He mentioned;

“She didn’t realize for hours until my stepson mentioned it before leaving.”

What did the woman do when she found out about the stain?

After finding out what her son did for revenge, the woman wasn’t mad at him or the kids. Instead, she got upset with her husband, saying he should have supported her by letting her know about the stain.

Once the woman found out about the stain and blamed her husband, the man thought the family drama was over. However, the next day, he came across something unexpected when he checked his social media accounts.

The woman’s son shared a picture from the reception showing the brown stain on his mother’s clothes. When she saw the photo, she got really mad at her husband and accused him of not letting her know about it during the event.

The man was unsure, so he posted the story on Reddit to ask if he was wrong for letting his wife be embarrassed at her son’s wedding. Some people blamed the man, while others thought the woman deserved it for wearing white. Some said both were at fault.

One person said, “You’re the a for not warning the bride and groom that she was serious and could spoil the wedding, but not the a for letting her make a fool of herself. Honestly, she seems awful.”

“Think about it: your wife seems mean, doesn’t like your son, and spoiled the wedding. If you disagree, maybe you should think if you’re a good match,” suggested another person on Reddit.

What’s your take? Was the man to blame for letting his wife be embarrassed in public? Should he have informed her about the stain? Share your thoughts on this story.

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