Wishing you a fabulous Easter

The Easter period is a time of peace, joy, and unmerited favors and blessings. It is a time we forgive those who wronged us the most and let peace rule our hearts.

I have carried grudges for people who wronged me in the past especially people who in one way or the other wanted to destroy my relationship with my husband.

Over the years, I felt I should end the marriage as it never gave me peace; it was just tormenting upon painful memories.

I knew I had serious mental damage when I couldn’t hire one of the ladies even though her certificate spoke competence, but I still hated her for what she did years ago.

Some nights I go to bed with tears in my eyes because I kept reminiscing over the past and refused to let go.

I was very bitter and I hated myself at certain points because I felt I let my marriage get to that worst stage.

I stopped believing in God because I felt he wasn’t helping me in anyways rather increasing my pains, but all that changed the day I stepped my feet in the church again.

I didn’t even want to ever visit my place of worship ever again; I didn’t even know what made me go in the first place.

I was sitting at the back waiting for the service to end when the man of God started preaching about forgiveness and how to find peace once again.

I felt all he was talking about was about me and it changed my life for good; I forgave everyone and at that moment I felt a big load lifted off my shoulders.

I found peace and joy once again; Easter gave it to me and I wish that this celebration answers all your prayers.

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