Whoopi Goldberg leaves the show because the other hosts on The View are talking about the issues with Miranda Lambert.

A heated argument happened on Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s The View. It started because of a video that got a lot of attention, where country star Miranda Lambert, who is 39 years old, stopped her July 15 concert in Las Vegas to complain about fans taking selfies during her show.

Sunny Hostin, 54, and Whoopi Goldberg, 67, disagreed on the topic.

Sunny said if she spent $757 on tickets, she’d take as many selfies as she wanted, supporting the idea that people should be allowed to take pictures at concerts.

Whoopi strongly disagreed, saying people should show respect to performers. She insisted that if someone pays $750 for her concert, they should watch and not take pictures. To make her point, she dramatically got up and walked toward the audience.

On her way, she told Sunny to watch the concert instead of taking photos, suggesting turning on the TV for memories.

Her sudden leaving surprised her co-hosts, who were amazed when she went to a 91-year-old lady in the crowd to take a selfie.

This unexpected twist made everyone laugh and lightened the mood of the argument, leading into a commercial break.

The issue started when Miranda Lambert stopped her concert to scold people for taking selfies instead of paying attention to her singing.

A TikTok video captured the moment where she paused her song, asked the pianist to stop, and told the audience that some girls were more focused on selfies than listening to the music. She used a strong word to express her frustration.

Miranda Lambert tells off fans for taking selfies at her concert,

causing mixed opinions about her response.

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After Miranda scolded some fans, a few left the place, and one person said, “Let’s go — you don’t do that to fans.” Adela Calin, one of the fans scolded by Miranda, shared her feelings with NBC News.

She said it felt like being in school, getting scolded by a teacher, and Miranda made them feel “young, immature, and vain.”

Even though some people are upset, there are still fans supporting the country star. Lindsey, who was at the concert, defended Miranda on a post about animal safety, saying Miranda doesn’t need to apologize. Lindsey mentioned seeing it happen and claimed the fans taking selfies had done it a lot before Miranda got frustrated.

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