Who else wants to shut off their phone

Who else wants to shut off their phone, drive to the mountains, and just enjoy the peace and cold breeze?

If there is anything I cherish so much, it should be peace. The joy and calmness that comes with it; it is priceless.

My life has been in chaos for the past few days. I thought marriage was beautiful and sweet, without knowing it can be a living hell as well.

The part of marriage I always read in books and saw in movies was always sweet and lovely I keep wandering why mine went wrong.

I thought marrying my fiancée of four years is the best thing that’s ever going to happen to me, but each minute of being with her is like hell.

She keeps yelling, and tormenting me for not just cause, I have talked to a therapist; they said she will soon change that it might be postpartum depression, not like it started after she gave birth.

Few months after our wedding, she changed from a very loving woman to my greatest nightmare. Our home which was filled with love and peace has turned to a war zone.

I’m a peace-loving man, and will trade anything for it, I keep trying, but it seems like my attitude and existence always piss her off.

When I ever she starts raising her tantrums, I know exactly what to do. I head to the calmest place the world, where all I can hear is the sound of the wind, and the chirping of birds.

The mountains became my place of abode and peace, and each moment I spend there brings smiles to my face. 

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