When The Police arrived after The Call, The Old Woman’s Hands are Bandaged and she had no Foods at Home.

The police station has a Call. It was hard to guess what the speech was about. Most of the time, the police were called to an Emergency or a Crime. However, this case was significantly more challenging at the same time.

“Hello!” With a Trembling Greeting to the Officer on duty. “I haven’t left the house in days, and I haven’t eaten anything. I need help. Could you help me?”

The call was answered by the on duty Officer, The information was recorded, and the Patrol was sent to the address. Officer Steve Jones and Garrett Franklin were in the vehicle that was the closest to the destination. The operator informed authorities that the call was about a Senior Citizen who had not left her home in days and was without food. The Patrol eventually joined the Police.

They were taken aback when they realized that the address in the summons was a Nice House with a nice Garden in a nice part of town. This, in their opinion, did not go well with how they imagined a hungry person would live.

The bell was rang as they got closer to the house. They had to wait a while for the door to open before they heard the slow footsteps. The door was opened by a tiny, barely standing elderly woman.

Good morning!” Garrett spoke softly. “Mrs. Hilda Ross contacted us via phone. Is that you?”

Yes,” The elderly woman softly replied. “Come inside.” The landlady was followed inside by the police. Then they saw that she had bandaged in her left hand carelessly.

They sat down and entered the living room. “Mrs. Ross, are you hurt?” asked Officer Steve as he turned to the woman.

The elderly woman’s face was flushed with confusion’s blush. “Yes,” she calmly responded. “I fell down the stairs while working in the garden on Bougainvilleas.”

Steve pronounced, “I see. You were the only one there?”

The woman gave a negative head shake. ” I have a son, However, he is currently on a business trip and will arrive in two weeks.”

Mrs. Ross, did you call the doctor already?” Garrett asked.

No,” she responded. “It seems to be a typical strain. I can’t even walk because it hurts so much, and the fridge is empty and I haven’t eaten in two days.”

Why haven’t you eaten in two days?” Garrett exclaimed with emotion. “And why are you not contacting your neighbors?”

The problem is that I haven’t had time to get to know anyone because we just moved into this house. Because my arm hurts so much, I can’t go to the store. My son has no knowledge of it. He just got a job, so I didn’t bother him.”

The mother didn’t want to know her son when she was in a dangerous situation herself.

Ma’am, we’ll call an ambulance and they’ll take you to the hospital,” Steve said as he turned to Hilda.

No!” Mrs. Ross. Was crying Her eyes welled with tears. “Please, no more! I was terrified of ambulances after my husband’s death. In one of those car he passed away.”

The officials exchanged glances. “Okay, then we’ll drive you there ourselves, how about that?”

Mrs. Ross sighed, “But all I need is food, I have money here.”

Steve begged her, “Please, ma’am.” There, you’ll be examined, and then we’ll take you to the grocery store. Is that okay?”

The elderly woman obeyed to the police. They carried her carefully into the vehicle and sat her in the back. They arrived at a nearby hospital a few minutes later and told the doctor about the situation. The doctor examined Mrs. Ross’s arm in the emergency clinic before directing her to the X-ray room. “It’s just a sprain,” she argued. But the doctor looked worried.

Ms. Ross, I know you haven’t eaten in two days, but you’ll have to wait a little longer before I examine your picture,” he said to her.

The doctor’s anxiety was proven correct. He said that the woman had a broken shoulder and arm. Ms. Ross went right into emergency surgery right away. After a few hours, the two policemen went back to the hospital, where Ms. Ross where being held.

They were reassured by the doctor that the operation was successful and that the woman was now recuperating and resting. Steve inquired of the physician, “She was hungry. Did she eat?”

No, she was unable to be fed because she was under anesthesia. Mrs. Ross is currently receiving an IV. We will ensure that she receives nourishment as soon as she regains consciousness.”

The number of Ms. Ross’s son was found by the officers, who called him to inform him of the situation. The man had no hope. He stated that he was in Alaska and that getting to the nearest airport would take three days. She was then promised by Steve and Garrett that they would take care of her mother until he arrived.

The first people Mrs. Ross saw when she regained consciousness were police officers. “Oh! Is it still you?” She spoke softly.

Garrett smiled and replied, “As you can see. We’ll be there for you until your son comes back. He is on his way, and he is extremely concerned about you.”

The woman started to worry. “He’s going to scold me.”

Steve smiled back. ” Be at ease, ma’am. We will guard you. Now, You must eat and you can have some Soup, according to the nurse.”

For the next three days, the police made frequent appearances in Mrs. Ross’s room. They alternated going to the elderly lady’s house in the evenings and presenting her with gifts and flowers. The woman had a lot of strength and quickly improved her condition. By the time her son arrived, Mrs. Ross had left the hospital.

Mother!” With tears in his eyes, her son said, “There is no reason why I should leave you all alone.

Mrs. Ross proudly responded, “But I wasn’t alone, son. Throughout those three days, Steve and Garrett were present. Each of them came to check on me.”

David was surprised. “Steve and Garrett? Who are you talking about mom? Have you met the neighbors?”

These are the policemen who came to me when I asked for help,” she explained. “They are my friends now.”

David personally met with the police that evening. He expressed his sincere gratitude to Garrett and Steve, “I’m so grateful to you! You really helped me and saved my mother. I am so grateful!”

Steve replied, “No problem, sir. This is our everyday work.”

We simply carried out our duties: to guard and protect individuals,” Garrett reminded his colleague. “Additionally, we are aware of mothers’ sometimes stubbornness. In order to keep Mrs. Ross from getting into trouble, we monitored her.”

Mrs. Ross quickly recovered fully. She received frequent visits from officers Steve and Garrett, who later became close friends.

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