When the father says, “Adam’s leg has a problem,” the mother, who just gave birth, is not allowed to hold the baby.

During their last year of college, Andrea West encountered her potential spouse. Following their graduation, They swiftly engaged in a passionate relationship and promptly relocated to Andrea’s hometown.

Within a brief span of time, they became engage and before long, joyfully informed their loved ones that Andrea was expecting their first child. Andrea was filled with immense happiness.

Sadly, after merely eleven weeks, their joy transformed into sorrow as Andrea experienced a miscarriage.

According to a post by Andrea on the Love What Matters Facebook page, this is how she expressed the sensation:

“I was completely devastated. I was lost, unsure of my next steps, uncertain about whom to confide in, what topics were acceptable to bring up, or who could offer assistance. I am Unaware, a startling statistic revealed that 25% of women experience similar struggles, yet this topic remains largely unspoken. The thought of going through pregnancy once more seemed overwhelming, leaving me unsure if I could handle it.”

With the assistance of her caring husband, Andrea’s anxiety gradually diminished, and she was fortunate enough to conceive once more.

For her current pregnancy, she made a firm commitment to take every possible measure to ensure her baby’s healthy development. This included eliminating various foods from her diet, such as cold-cut meats, sushi, and specific types of cheese. Additionally, she immersed herself in reading extensively about pregnancy, determined that this time everything would go smoothly.

As expected, her pregnancy progressed without any issues. At the scheduled time, she started experiencing mild contractions and was promptly admitted to the hospital’s delivery room alongside her partner.

However, just as she was about to be discharged, an ultrasound revealed a significant depletion of amniotic fluid. Consequently, they had to promptly initiate labor induction to ensure a safe delivery.

The delivery

Thankfully, the delivery went smoothly. Before the night was over, Andrea and her husband joyfully welcomed their newborn son, Adam.

However, unexpectedly, Andrea’s partner was unable to carry out their planned task of cutting the umbilical cord.

Instead, Adam was swiftly separated from his parents amidst a chaotic scene of medical personnel. Andrea’s husband managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of their son through a cluster of doctors. He then turned to Andrea, his voice filled with anguish, and uttered the devastating revelation: “Darling, there is an issue with Adam’s leg.”

A group of twenty individuals had congregated around young Adam. As time passed without any clear explanations, Andrea, filled with worry, became increasingly anxious.

While Andrea’s mother and partner departed to inform relatives outside, she remained alone in the hospital ward, unaware of the events unfolding. Surprisingly, nobody provided her with any information regarding her baby’s condition.

It was later revealed that the right side of Adam’s abdomen and his entire right leg displayed a mottled discoloration of purple and black.

The Diagnosis

Eventually, medical professionals identified Adam’s condition as Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita (CMTC), an exceptionally uncommon vascular abnormality.

Andrea and her husband were at a loss for words. At the time of their son’s birth, there had been a mere 500 documented cases of this disease worldwide, making it an incredibly rare occurrence.

Adam underwent an extensive series of examinations on his essential organs, thankfully passing them all without any complications. Andrea spent an extensive amount of time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), resulting in her being sleep-deprived for four consecutive days.

Eventually, Adam was deemed fit to be discharged and sent home, accompanied by detailed instructions on how to care for his skin. As time elapsed, it became increasingly evident that Adam possessed an unwavering spirit, displaying resilience and determination.

Presently, he is a contented and thriving young boy who takes delight in mathematics and engaging in chess matches. Despite his condition causing weakness in his leg, he has managed to participate in sports and enjoy them to some extent.

Throughout the entirety of his journey, even though Adam is aware of his slight divergence from other children, he has never viewed his disability as a hindrance or impediment.

Andrea West remains actively engaged in CMTC Alliance, a worldwide non-profit organization that empowers individuals who have been diagnosed with rare vascular malformations. With great passion, she dedicates her efforts to raise awareness about these conditions and serves as an advocate for those impacted by them.

If you wish to back the organization and contribute towards assisting more individuals with rare diseases, kindly contemplate sharing Adam’s narrative and providing a donation. Your involvement can have a significant impact on the lives of those confronting unusual illnesses, making a meaningful difference.

Certainly, while Adam may have encountered initial challenges in his early life, the West family has now found happiness. Help spread the word about this incredible story by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook, allowing more people to witness it!

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