When she was born, she weighed less than a pound, and doctors thought she wouldn’t make it.

Baby Manushi, who is from Rajasthan, India, is appropriately referred to as a “little miracle.” When her mother, Seeta, who is now 48 years old, was only 28 weeks pregnant, this beautiful girl was delivered via C-section. Unfortunately, the doctors discovered that Seeta’s baby was not receiving enough blood through the placenta and diagnosed her with extremely high blood pressure.

The decision regarding the newborn was made quickly.

Manushi weighed only 14 ounces when she was brought into the world. Because she was so small and the majority of her organs, like her lungs, brain, heart, and kidneys, were not fully developed, her chances of survival were very low.

Manushi’s organs progressed enough after six months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She was finally discharged from the hospital. She weighed 5.2 kilograms at the time the doctors gave her the all-clear.

However, it wasn’t an easy fight for her life. Manush was placed on a ventilator right after birth, and her chances of survival were less than one percent. She overcame the swings, if you can believe it.

Manushi could not be fed enough because her intestines were not developed enough, so the doctors gave her all the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and lipids she needed.

Manushi started breastfeeding at 7 weeks, which was a great sign. She began to breathe more independently at this point, and her other organs developed normally.

Contrary to popular belief in some parts of India, doctors were determined to save this girl’s life to demonstrate that female children are just as important as male ones.

“We chose to save the child’s life and offer her the vital clinical consideration since we needed to communicate something specific that the young lady should be guarded,” said medical clinic chief Dr Sunil Janged. ” We gave her the medical attention and care she required.”

The world’s lightest baby is said to be a girl named Emilia Grabarczyk, who was born in Wittenberg, Germany, in 2015 and weighed only 8 ounces.

We wish baby Manushi a fruitful future.

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