When she gives her leftovers to a homeless woman, something seems off.

Carmen Mendez and her boyfriend were on their way to get fried chicken when they saw a homeless woman near the entrance. She was very dirty but sober, and she was standing quietly next to a trash can asking people for their leftovers. They were going to get fried chicken.

They looked at her as they emptied their trash into the bin, but they continued to dump their food in it!


On Instagram, Mendez stated:

“I’ve been volunteering with the homeless for many years. they don’t reject me or make me sick because of the belly,” “no one said yes, they all ignored her and threw it away, it broke my heart.” I adore everyone to the hilt.”

Carmen made the sad decision to give the homeless woman some rest while she was still there to finish, but she left 20 minutes later!

She stated,

“I looked for her when we were getting ready to leave and I couldn’t find her” and “I felt sad knowing all the rejection she experienced that night looking for a hot meal” are just a few of the responses that have been provided.


Unfortunately, Carmen was about to toss her food away when a faint voice said:

“Could I have a little of your food?”

Without hesitation, Carmen served the woman and smiled broadly, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

Mendez stated,

“She deserved so much more. so I bought her a whole meal. she deserved to eat a hot meal”When I gave her my leftover chicken strip, I felt like a horrible person.

Carmen bravely went to the restaurant counter to get the woman a full, hot meal and politely asked her to stay and eat it! The woman was clearly moved to tears and grateful for what was happening.


After that, Mendez said:

“Those tears she shed were felt deep in my heart,” and “that hug she gave me was like a hug I had never felt before.”

I let her speak while holding her still. I was unfazed by it. I only held her. Furthermore, that is an encounter that I will always remember. Therefore, the next time you judge someone who is homeless, think twice not everyone who is homeless is lazy or dependent on drugs.

Although Carmen’s act of selflessness and compassion cannot be faulted, the majority of us would concur that it would be foolish to give money to the homeless and possibly feed some addiction.

I hope that it in courage’s more people to follow suit for the greater good!

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