When angels sense you need them

When angels sense you need them, and angels always do, they come unseen from everywhere to help and comfort you. If you believe in angels of kindness, can I hear amen.

Life is always a mystery. And the universe has a way of accompanying us throughout the way especially in times of need.

Have you ever thought about when you wished to be where you are today, or when you got into trouble, and you only wish for a rescue, and in ways unimaginable, you got one? Yes, it happens.

They are called angels or “guardian angels” as some fondly refers. We are all blessed with one, and they work mysteriously. More than what our parents can do for us, they help us both at home and outside, where our parents or other loved ones could help.

Most times you do not need to invite them, they always know when you would need their help. They come in various forms: They could be that taxi driver that gave you a free ride when you did not ask for it.

The pet that got you distracted to somewhere else before a disaster happened at your previous state. The good feeling of encouragement you had after a bad day at work…

These are angels at work, and they are mostly unnoticed and care less of your praise. If you believe in your guardian angel, she will always come to your aid, amen!

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