When an Autism Child called Him “Daddy” on a flight, this Man reacted Perfectly.

She and her Mother, Shanell Mouland, got on a plane last year. They had just returned from Disneyland.

In order to prevent her from opening and closing the window, her mother placed her in the middle seat. Mouland was concerned that Kate would cause trouble for the other passengers.

The majority of passengers chose to sit far from Kate as the plane grew full. Except for one guy. He carried a briefcase and was dressed in a business suit.

Kate began calling him “Daddy” as soon as she saw him sitting next to her. Her mother was under the impression that the stranger would not pay her any attention. But instead of that, he did something amazing.


Kate was cared for by the man throughout the entire flight. He showed her his iPad and answered her questions about turtles. Kate flew with the greatest success to date because of him.

Mouland decided to thank the stranger in a letter as a result. They were soon able to identify the friendly stranger after it went viral. According to the letter,

“Dear Daddy,

I don’t know your name, but Kate referred to you as “daddy” throughout the flight last week, and you graciously refused to correct her. In point of fact, you didn’t even flinch because you probably knew she wasn’t comparing you to her own “daddy,” but rather judging your level of “safety” for her. You can bet that she is fine if she refers to you as “daddy.”

I seated Kate in the middle seat fully aware that she would be seated next to a stranger for the entire flight. Because she was so obsessed with opening and closing the window shade, I had to make a quick decision, and I thought she might be less distracting if she sat in the middle. I wondered if one of these giants might sit next to Kate as I watched the entire Temple basketball team board the plane. All of them moved to the back. She would have liked that, and she would have made some observations about those players, which I would have had to deal with. I hoped one of the grandmotherly women would take a seat as I watched them board, but they continued on their way.
When you walked up and sat down with your briefcase and important documents, I had the vision of Kate pouring her water all over your multimillion-dollar contracts, house deeds, or whatever it was you held. After that, I thought we might have a free seat next to us. Kate began to rub your arm as soon as you sat down. She liked the way your jacket felt because it was soft. She responded with, “You smiled at me.” That’s my mother, Daddy. She then got you.

In your seat, you might move uncomfortably. She could be ignored. You could have provided me with the “smile” I detest because it means; Kindly take care of your child. Nothing was done about it. You engaged Kate in conversation and inquired about her turtle collection. She never knew how to answer your questions, but because she liked you so much, she kept his eyes on you and paid attention to what you said. I glanced and grinned. You wouldn’t believe that I made some polite suggestions to keep him occupied.

Kate: ( When I saw that you had an iPad, I thought, “Is this dad’s puduter?”

You: My iPad is here. Would you like to view it?

Kate: To me?????? ( She believed you offered to keep it for her, I’m sure.)

Me: Kate, look with your eyes. You do not own that.

Kate: This is nice!

You: ( Since Kate has an iPad, I’ve noticed that I also like your computer. The case is a lovely shade of purple.

Kate: Does Daddy intend to be a bad boy? My friend, he offered you a crusher, which is a big thank you.

You: cool

You didn’t seem to be upset as the conversation went on for hours. Playing with her Anna and Elsa dolls provided you with moments of tranquility. Although I’m sure you wouldn’t care, it’s a good thing he saved you from playing barbeque. You must also have children, I’m sure.

Kate had reached her limit well before we arrived. He repeatedly yelled, “The plane is closed (closed),” as well as yelled for me to unbuckle my seat belt and open the plane door. You made an effort to get him to look at his toys. I was moved by your efforts to assist your new little friend, even though he was already too far gone.

If you have any concerns. When we got off the plane, he was fine. We are grateful that you let us go before you. She ran off the plane feeling overwhelmed, and all she needed was a big, long hug.

So, kindly. I am grateful that you did not make me repeat the terrible lines of apology that I frequently use in public. Kate had the most successful flight yet because you provided her with so much entertainment. Additionally, we appreciate you putting your papers down and playing turtle with our girl.

The letter spread quickly and arrived the next day in “Isa 16c”. It’s been a year since the flight and they got to know the guy. He is Eric Kunkel from New Jersey, married and a parent himself. He later became good friends with the Moulands.

A young girl had a memorable flight thanks to a kind stranger.


We are fortunate to have individuals like “Daddy at 16.”

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