When a Women get close to a memorial stone, they believe no one is observing them, yet the camera catches them.

A cemetery is a hallowed place where people should be allowed to freely grieve and pay respects to the deceased. Most people regard it to be secure and safe.

This is why the video that follows is so horribly disturbing.

It shows two women approaching a memorial stone while believing no one is watching. Fortunately, a secret camera is filming their behavior.

After visiting a burial, family members frequently leave flowers or other thoughtful gestures. What must it have been like for them to accomplish that one day, only to come back the next day and discover their belongings missing?

One such occurrence was seen on camera two years ago in a cemetery in New London, Ohio. The flower pot the woman had given her father on Father’s Day in 1977 was no longer there, she realized. The pot itself wasn’t pricey or especially noteworthy, but its sentimental value made up for it.

The woman went to the police since she had no idea how to get it back. They were fortunate enough to crack the case with the assistance of a security camera. The camera captured a black automobile making its way to the graveyard. Then two women exit the vehicle, approach a memorial stone, and begin to remove items off it.

Later, the two women, both in their 60s, were recognized and accused of stealing. What is the most amazing aspect of it all? One of the women was a municipality elected officer.

Check out the video below for some footage:

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