When a farmer found a huge eggs, the insides were even more mysterious.

When the farmer from Australia went to gather the usual batch of eggs from his hens, he was taken aback by an astonishing surprise.

One of his hens had produced an enormous egg, measuring three times larger than a typical egg and weighing in at 6.2 ounces.

The Stockman’s Eggs on the Atherton Tablelands, located in northern Queensland, witnessed the laying of the babushka egg by a free-range chicken.

Scott Stockman, the proprietor of the enterprise, shared an image of the remarkable find made by him and his team on the farm.

When placed beside a regular-sized egg, its appearance appeared remarkably uncommon; however, what proved to be even more extraordinary was the revelation that awaited them upon cracking it open.

Another egg, properly formed, was found inside the original one.

Scott expressed to ABC News Australia, “It’s truly astounding to witness the presence of two flawlessly shaped eggs together.”

A specialist from the veterinary sciences school at Charles Sturt University expressed that they had never encountered anything of the sort previously.

According to Associate Professor Raf Freire, the hen likely generated an egg in the usual manner but, for some unknown reason, did not lay it.

In his statement to ABC News, he clarified that “on the subsequent day, instead of the customary egg laying, an additional ovum had been discharged.”

“That has fallen, and the chicken has then made a decision to encase both the egg from the day before and the newly fallen ovum.”

As per the specialists, the egg would have been suitable for consumption; however, Scott mentioned to ABC News that they receive 50,000 eggs daily, so they “didn’t bother eating it.”

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