What goes around comes around

Be kind. Be fair. Be honest. Be true. And all these things will come back to you. Always remember, what goes around comes around.

Someone said, “life is a journey that leads to the same destination.” Taking the easy way out of difficult life’s situations can be appealing but in the real sense, they become the longest way around.

These happens in almost all walks of life. For students, this could be outsourcing coursework to freelancers. 

On the surface, this is arguably a time saver but when it gets to the crux of our academic pursuit these quick gains might hurt badly.

Like having to not experience how to research as part of the academic requirement might make such person fall below the required graduation standard.

Apart form this, the person’s academic integrity might be questioned if he finds it difficult to defend his claims, which could have an unpleasant end.

Honesty is a virtue that should not be given conditionally but should be a lifestyle because it takes a second to destroy an age-long built reputation.

If you are honest, you would not need to keep stock of your actions, they will always be justified, and you would have unlocked your serendipity based on kindness and fairness.

Life is a seed; if you plan the right one, you will have a bountiful harvest of the same kind.

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