We no longer go for looks

We no longer go for looks; we go for maturity, stability, loyalty, and peace. Gone are those days people get entangled to people because they are beautiful, handsome, or have a nice physique.

People now go for peace of mind, and beautiful souls. Beauty isn’t all about physical looks; it deals more with character, loyalty, comportment, and peace.

My grandma will always tell me that the beauty of a woman is in her character and not her looks, because as time goes on those physical looks will all fade away, but a woman’s character stays with her until death.

Never settle with a woman because she is beautiful or she has the right type of endowment you need, because as time goes on if she isn’t going to let you have your peace of mind; you won’t be alive to enjoy those endowments.

As a woman never settle for a man with a handsome face, and a nice physique, because when he starts showing you his other bad sides you might not live to tell the story. Never put up with a woman beater that’s handsome, because you are making your own grave.

People no longer settle for looks, but what you can offer intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and otherwise. Settle with someone that your kids will be proud of, create a home with a beautiful woman, and watch your home blossom with good things.

Don’t choose looks over peace of mind, loyalty, stability, and maturity, because looks will fade, but the rest never fades.