We need prayer & peace ✌️

Dear God, hear our prayers. The world as it sits is in turmoil, we are losing our loved ones. Our nurses and doctors are overwhelmed mentally, physically and emotionally. The medical professionals are afraid to return home in fear of infecting their families. Many hospitals are out of room to treat patients. We ask You, Lord please bring peace to our hearts and have mercy upon us. We call to You everyday, we need you in all things, but now we are getting desperate. They say in America we will see a rise in cases in the coming weeks. Every country needs your miraculous healing. Please continue to shield my family from this deadly virus. Please guide the doctors, nurses and first responders with your grace. Please keeps us safe while still working and remove of fears and anxiety. Please Dear God, bring an end to this storm and place your peace into my heart and calmness in my days. Amen


  1. May everyone remember that Christ had died on a cross, but beaten the cross of our sins to bring us Easter Day. Please pray for everyone!

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