Twenty families said No to a different girl, but one man said yes and adopted her.

A girl’s life got better when her mom and 20 other families said no to adopting her.

Luca Trapanese and his daughter Alba’s adoption story became popular for several reasons, but one of the most special ones is that it’s not common for social services to let a single, gay man become a parent.

However, in Luca’s case, they made an exception, and we’re very happy they did.

As per the BBC, a 41-year-old Italian man named Luca wrote a book about raising his daughter Alba, who has Down syndrome, and the challenges he faced.

In a radio interview, Luca said that his situation breaks stereotypes about being a father, religion, and family.

In Italy, it used to be hard for gay or single parents to adopt kids.

Luca adopted Alba when she was only 13 days old in 2017, after 20 families said no because of her health problems.

Luca has always dreamed of having kids and has worked in places that take care of people with special needs. His desire to help others grew strong after he lost his best friend to cancer when he was only 14 years old.

In his free time, he helped people with disabilities and those who were very sick through charities connected to the Catholic Church.

Even though he is not married, Alba now lives with him as part of a caring family because he chose to adopt her.

As reported by the BBC, Alba is a strong-willed and somewhat rebellious young child. She is friendly, enjoys playing, and dancing with others.

It’s been some time since Luca and Alba’s amazing story became famous on the internet.

Luca continues to share their family adventures and everyday fun with his more than 320,000 Instagram followers.

They spend a good amount of time just being together and having fun.

Even though the pandemic changed their lives, it’s nice to see how well they’re getting along.

They enjoy traveling in Italy, spending time outdoors, painting, socializing, and eating delicious food together.

We want to say a big congrats to Luca and Alba! Luca is truly a generous and caring person, and thanks to him, this little girl has a promising future.

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