Treat everyone like they matter

No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat ultimately tells who you are.

Most times certificates, badges, and awards don’t show how wise or great someone is, it always reflects in our character and how we behave towards others.

I have seen someone move from grace to grace and I have seen people move from grace to grace all because of their character.

I once worked in a firm for three years and during those moments I never saw the owner of the firm, many people don’t even know him and it was speculated that he lived abroad and won’t be coming soon.

Everything was going on perfectly until something spectacular happened on a particular day of work.

There was always a poor looking guy who visited the firm in shabby clothes and no one ever wanted to attend to his needs or even pay a listening ear to him.

At some points I felt he was a beggar, that should be the reason my co-workers didn’t pay attention to him, little did I know that it was because of his looks.

The only person that ever talked to him anytime he visited in the firm was the oldest security guard; he always gave him food each time he saw him at the entrance of the firm and it was so funny and mysterious when the CEO introduced him as the owner of the firm.

Well, everyone who talked harshly to him was sacked from office as they tagged incompetent and unable to handle and treat everyone equally.

The security guard was promoted and that was how his kind gesture blessed him.

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