Treasure Those Who are Sensitive

Have you ever met a sensitive soul? They are easily known. Their heart shines through their actions even when they try to hide it.

People always mistake sensitive souls for weaklings, and they try to use them. What we fail to realize is that these people who are sensitive are real treasures.

What does one do with a treasure? You cherish it and keep it safe.

Being around a sensitive person is not the way society has painted it to be. They are not fragile vessels that we need to tiptoe around.

Every decent human being should be sensitive to others, and being mindful of our words and actions is the decent thing to do.

People who are sensitive are not weak, broken, or fragile; if you are a decent person, you won’t feel the need to tiptoe around a sensitive.  Your natural actions will be just fine.

Deeply thinking, deeply loving.

One thing about sensitive souls is the fact that they feel deeply. They don’t just love out of the blue and move on when they are done. No.

When such persons love, love deeply. Everything they do, they do with a deep sense of being.

Sensitive people are deep thinkers. They can be guilty of over-analyzing situations also. This is what causes them to look wary in the face of decision making.

When you are loved by a sensitive soul, you know you are loved by someone who is loyal, true, and honest. There is purity in the love of a person who is sensitive. When they love, it is pure and true. It is the kind of love that is blind to flaws and imperfections.

You should not take the love of a sensitive soul for granted. When you meet someone who is sensitive, if your intentions are not pure towards them, please walk away. You will end up hurting them terribly because they do not love in half measures.

To love a sensitive person is to love someone whose love for you is true.

Sensitive people see beauty in simple things. Sometimes, the simplest things mean the most to them. They take note of the little things that matter to those around them.

They make amazing friends and partners because they are highly perceptive of the needs of those they are with.

A sensitive person will not change who they are. There is no need for them to become hardened, even if they are treated badly. They do not give in to the need to become hardened. The core of their soul is pure and true. The most extreme they can do is to create a facade, a tough exterior. The facade is needed to protect themselves from people who seek to use their sensitivity against them.

When they meet someone they can let their guard down for, they drop the facade and the walls and allow their hearts to shine through.

They pour their pure and true love.

Their purity is what makes them who and what they are.

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