To Make a Difference in someone’s life..

One of the best gifts you can give to a person is to make an impact in their life. When people come into our lives, or when we come into the lives of people, there’s a whole lot we can do in their lives to make a difference.

 The thing about making a difference in the lives of people is that it’s doesn’t take much. Contrary to what people think, making a difference can be in little things. 

I have come to find out that the most important thing in making a difference in the lives of people is caring. 

To care is to love, to care is to give to care is to make a difference in the life of the people that are around you.

We find ourselves, meeting people every day of our lives. Sometimes we meet people whom we’ve met before, and consistently meeting them makes them friends. They become more than just acquaintances. And then we realize that been in people’s lives is more than being just that 

There is a lot more to being in somebody’s life than being just there.

 You can be a part of a person’s life without making an impact on their lives and that’s an empty way to be in somebody’s life. 

The best way to be a part of a person’s life is to be involved in the things that make them grow,  is to be intentional about making an impact, and a difference in their lives. Caring about a person is a very simple, yet effective way of letting them know that they are important to you.

Actions they say speak louder than words. People tend to say things that they do not mean to follow up with actions. It is easy to say I care about you, to somebody in your life. It is easy to tell somebody that you love them. It is also easy to tell somebody that they’re important to you, but you mean it by showing them these things that you have said you feel for them.

You have to be intentional about them. If you want to make a difference in the life of a person, start caring about them, start showing them that you care about them. And don’t just say, do it. Show them that you care about the things that are important to them, that you care about their lives, their health, their mental well being. You do not have to be wealthy to care about the person’s finances, by asking questions, giving them advice, showing them opportunities, calling them when there’s something that can add to their income, showing them investment options, or simply sharing the little you have, you are caring about their financial well being, you show that you care about the person’s emotional well being. By asking them questions, and by being there for them.

Whenever you do these not-so-little things, you are making a difference and a positive impact in their lives.

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