Three sides to my life

It is not a secret that if I was opportune to ask three different people about what they make about my personality that I would be faced with three different answers.

Some may ask those it may that you are living a fake life, or you are good at pretending? Why do three different people have different answers to who you behave?

The answer to the above question is straightforward. There are three sides to my life, and these three sides are all part of me. You only get to see any side of me, which I want you to see.

Some people would argue with you that I’m always quiet and sweet. They could go as far as saying that I barely talk no matter what is happening, and the truth of the matter is that I act accordingly.

While some of my friends would have a different insight into what I am, to them, I am a very crazy and funny person. Who loves to have fun at any given time and can do crazy things to make everyone laugh. That’s also a part of my personality, which only they get to see.

The above two sides of my life are the good side of my life, and like every other person on the planet, there is a part of me that anyone who has gotten to know that side of me wishes they never provoked that side of me. All these sides of me make up my personality and are who I am.

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