Three months of quarantine

It is already three months of quarantine, and things aren’t looking better. People are dying, and many are losing their loved ones.

Many companies have gone bankrupt, and many workers have been sacked from their duty posts. Many have died of the worst pandemic; that is hunger.

People no longer have a means of livelihood and expenses keeps rising. The worst set of people is those who have lost their loved ones to the cold hands of the virus.

The world is about to take a new start for a lot of people. If the pandemic ends, some will be coming out as orphans or something more tragic. I have seen friends who lost their parents. I know their world will never remain the same again.

The worst is that you never spent time with them on their dying bed; you heard they are gone, and that’s the end. The present period is one of the most trying times in this decade. When you look around you; you will see how blessed you are.

The worst that has happened so far and you still have food on your table, no one is sick in your family. Thank God for the grace to see another day hale and healthy.

Don’t think you are too special, and beautiful, that’s why any pandemic has caught up with you. It is not by our human powers alone; God’s grace keeps us going. May God also give those who might have lost a lot in these three months of quarantine the strength to move on with life. Thank God for what you have.


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