Thousands of people are sharing her picture in a bikini at the beach, and it becomes clear when the camera zooms out.

At the age of 24 in 2012, Aimee Copeland was a graduate student enrolled at The University of Georgia.

She decided to take a few days off that year to spend time with her friends enjoying the last few weeks before graduation.

The adventurous group chose to visit a small lake with the intention of immediately experiencing the thrill of ziplining over the water.

Aimee was unaware that the instance was going to change her life, which is something she wasn’t expecting. A zipline, which typically offers breathtaking views from high above, is typically considered a safe activity.

However, when Aimee’s chance got there, everything went tragically wrong. The wire split and Aimee fell toward the precipice. and she lost her limb on that day.

Aimee was taken to the hospital, but the fear remained. Doctors found that it was significantly worse. The 24 years old was in risk of passing away because the wound was infected with bacteria that ate flesh.

Her fall left a deep incision on her leg that was infected with the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila, which led to necrotizing fasciitis, also known as a flesh-eating illness and thought to be fatal.

After 11 surgeries and difficult rehabilitation, Aimee was able to manage her condition, but she had to lose both of her hands and both of her legs.

Four years after the accident, this picture of the fighter was going viral on social media and inspiring a lot of people there. Aimee adjusted to her new life slowly but surely.

On the beach, Aimee is proudly showing off her body, complete with scars and amputations, in a bikini.

She penned: I have had a very long time to adjust to and accept my new body. We are all made with flaws, and our flaws hold so much beauty. Character is developed by the skin grafting and scars! What matters most is what you do with what you have, not what you have.

In the year 2023, Aimee Copeland is a proponent of disability and amputee rights. She continues to inspire others through her speeches and posts on social media.

In addition to her advocacy work, Aimee is pursuing a PhD in psychology at the University of West Georgia.

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