They were told they wouldn’t live more than a day, but the world’s longest-living conjoined twins took their last breath together at the age of 68.

They were born with distinct sets of arms, legs, hearts, and stomachs, but they have the same digestive systems.

Their parents decided not to have any surgery because the doctors couldn’t figure out a good way to separate them.

Due to their financial difficulties, the family never sent their sons to school, fearing that other children might bully them.

When they were three years old, they joined the carnival ring and took over feeding the family.

Their manager, Ward Hall, and his sideshow, World of Wonders, worked hard to support their family while they traveled to Canada and South America.

They retired in 1991 and relocated to Dayton, Ohio. They were warmly welcomed in their hometown, where the community raised funds to construct a home close to their younger brother.

According to their younger brother, they are happy there.

They also rank higher than the Chinese twins Eng and Chang Bunker in the Guinness Book of Records.

Despite difficulties and injuries, they were content for the majority of their lives.

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