These images display really bad neighbors.

We’ve all had noisy neighbors before, but the people in these photos are even worse. Do you think they might be the worst neighbors ever? You decide!

The more you read this note, the crazier it gets.

Our neighbor had a fight this morning, and it ended with a gunshot through our bathroom mirror.

The neighbor stuck this note on my door.

The neighbor’s child thought it would be fun to put a rock on my car to make it look nice.

Our neighbor left us an arrow.

Taking things from a neighbor who’s staying home and needs help.

This person’s neighbor takes pictures of their open window. That doesn’t seem right.

My neighbor has a trash problem.

Trashy neighbor behavior

The man across the street fills our whole street with RVs he fixes at home for extra money.

Our neighbor in the other half of the house left suddenly at night. We never saw inside his place before, but now we understand why.

My neighbor moved away for a few hours in a strange way.

Last night, our neighbor made a hole in our bedroom wall by shooting it.

My neighbor has a huge pile of empty Captain Morgan bottles for recycling. There were so many that even the recycling bin was full. He must really like Captain Morgan!

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