There’s a great difference between life and school

The difference between life and school is the means through which we get to learn. In school, you are taught a lesson and then given a test; in life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson. 

I spent my teenage years in a boarding school; I felt I had my life already figured out. I passed my tests and I knew I would do just fine in any situation. 

I was among the few intelligent ones who always scaled with A’s and it was something I’m always proud of. 

At the end of my six years in a boarding school; it was time to move into the world and explore. 

My first college grades weren’t something to be proud of; I am intelligent and didn’t see any reasons to fail the test. 

I wanted to be a psychologist, what I didn’t know was that I haven’t understood how the world works; I was still naive.

When I left school and I couldn’t get into college my life took another turn; I was living with my parents and felt I could always get all their financial support. 

I was living off from them and didn’t care to know if they had more to spend; I felt that since they were able to cater for my needs for six years that they have everything figured out. 

I had an extravagant lifestyle and sooner than later my parents went bankrupt. It was during those days I learned I could do something for myself. 

I didn’t know what, but I felt that without college I can be rich and take care of my parents. 

The same situation curbed a lot of my excesses; the tests taught me a lesson. 

I changed from a liability to an asset; and I’m happy that my tests taught me a lesson and I learned from it.s

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