The Teacher breaks down when he sees the 8 years old child with frozen head when he walks into the classroom.

Everyone should send their children to school. They can learn there and prepare for the future.

However, sadly, millions of children worldwide are either unable to attend school or forced to do so in such appalling conditions.

The image of a young Chinese man walking to school with his head frozen is becoming increasingly popular online. Because it’s hard not to be moved by this, I thought it was important to share and think about this picture.

Eight years old Wang Fuman lives in China’s Xinjie province.

Since his mother left him and his father had to move to a big city for work, the young man lives with his grandmother.

Wang Fuman now has to walk three miles to get to school and home, which takes him hours each day. Wang found it more difficult than usual to get to school as winter set in and the temperature dropped. Frequently, the mercury temperature drops to -9 degrees.

The boys school principal decided to post the images on social media to draw attention to the difficult circumstances in which many of his students live.

Additionally, the director’s most recent image of Wang Fuman has been widely shared online. The young boy’s head is completely frozen in the image. His brows are frozen and his cold cheeks are burning. Noticias Caracol reports the boy’s principal explained that because he had an exam, he decided to walk to school in the terrible weather.

The young boy was determined to get to school in time for the exam, regardless of the weather. He finished the exam with his hands frozen.

Wang Fuman exhibits his meticulousness and devotion to learning in a viable way. I sincerely hope that these photos will enable him to attend school in less difficult circumstances.

Because they are entitled to do so, every child ought to be allowed to go to school in respectable conditions. If you agree, kindly SHARE.

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