The soldier is in the process of paying for his order, but he has a change of heart upon hearing two boys, who are visibly shivering, express their hunger.

Many people have the utmost regard for the military and express their deepest appreciation and respect for them. It is not surprising considering that their responsibility to safeguard and uphold national interests involves willingly putting their lives at risk for their country. It is possible that members of our military represent the epitome of patriotism among us.

However courageous and devoted to their country they may be, members of the military frequently prioritize humility and compassion as fundamental aspects of their character.

Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon serves as a remarkable embodiment of genuine humility and compassion, and his demonstration of these qualities does not necessarily require engagement in foreign conflicts.

This noteworthy incident took place at a nearby Taco Bell establishment.

Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon, a father of two, is presently stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

On a particular day, he decided to visit a nearby Taco Bell to satisfy his hunger. After placing his order and receiving his food, he settled down to enjoy his meal. It was during this time that he was approached by two young boys.

The 9 years old and 13 years old boys approached him, offering homemade desserts for sale. They were raising funds for their local church and asked if he would be interested in purchasing any of their treats.

However, Lt. Col. Risdon observed that the boys appeared to be in a vulnerable state. Their clothing indicated that they were cold and wet, leading him to promptly deduce that they likely came from an underprivileged background.

Based on his intuition, Lt. Col. Risdon made the choice to act. He inquired with the boys about their dinner and whether they were hungry. It turned out that the boys were indeed famished.

At that moment, Lt. Col. Risdon performed a simple yet profound act of kindness that exemplifies the essence of human compassion. He extended an invitation to the boys to join him for a meal, allowing them the freedom to select anything their hearts desired from the menu.

Simultaneously, Jason Gibson, another patron at the restaurant, observed the unfolding events and captured the entire incident on camera.

Moved by the heartwarming scene, Jason felt compelled to share the video he had recorded on Facebook. In his post, he encouraged others to spread the message, applauding not only this exceptional soldier but also recognizing him as an exceptional human being.

A Humble Gesture Goes Viral

The video rapidly gained traction on the internet, capturing the interest of media outlets throughout the nation.

In a subsequent statement, Lt. Ridson expressed his gratitude for the attention received, acknowledging that he felt humbled by it. However, he emphasized his belief that there are numerous individuals who perform compassionate and remarkable acts for others on a daily basis.

“I feel a sense of embarrassment and humility from the praise, and I don’t necessarily seek it,” Army Lt. Col. Risdon conveyed to The Huffington Post. “I firmly believe that we reside in the finest country globally, with remarkable individuals, and acts of kindness occur each day.”

Take a moment to watch the heartfelt video below – I believe it beautifully showcases the soldier’s genuine humility!

This remarkable individual acted upon his natural instinct to perform a kind deed, showcasing his wonderful character. If you agree that Lt. Col. Risdon embodies the essence of everything positive in our nation, please share!

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