The self-righteous husband requested that all of the money be buried next to him when he passed away. After that, he kept the money hidden, which shocked everyone, but the truth was…

In order to leave a positive legacy when they pass away, many people strive to live their lives in accordance with their values. However, there are some people who give in to their own egotistical desires despite the negative effects on those around them. Sadly, her husband did not understand that selfishness and greed are incompatible. When he offered a self-centered prayer on his deathbed, she decided it was time to teach him a lesson.

A man worked his entire life for his livelihood. The man hated spending money because he had saved it all his life. Because he had put in so much effort to save it, he believed he owed it to his wife, who was the antithesis of his cheapness and greed, to keep all the capital.

Cash was more vital to him than the one who stood calmly close by for his entire life. He took his money to his grave because he was so devoted to it.


Shortly before her husband passed away, he asked her to grant her last wish. ” Pay attention, I want you to take all of my money and place it in my coffin when I die.” He explained to his wife, “I want to take all of my money to the afterlife.”

The man’s self-centered proposal enraged the woman, but she eventually persuaded him to bury the money after his death.

When her husband died, she was torn between fulfilling her selfish last wish and keeping the money for herself.

Despite his obvious selfishness, she was a woman who kept her word and did not want to break her commitment. A wonderful idea suddenly came from his imagination.

At a funeral, a man’s body was spread out in a coffin, and his black-clad wife was sitting next to her best friend. When the funeral directors closed the casket to bury him, she suddenly told them to stop.


To the funeral directors, the woman stated: “Hold on a second.”

The woman, then placed the shoebox next to her husband’s body in the coffin. After that, she gave the undertakers a signal that they could seal the casket and bury him by nodding.


Her best friend, who was aware of the absurd request, was taken aback by her conduct and inquired about the shoebox. “I hope you weren’t crazy enough to put all that money with that clumsy old man,” said one of her best friends.

She informed her best friend, “Yes, I promised.”Because I’m a decent Christian, I can’t lie. I promised to put that money in the trunk with him, as I promised.”

“Do you mean that you included every penny of his money in the box?” the friend said.

She said, “Of course I did. “I took everything, put it in my account, and paid him with a check.”


Brilliant! The woman kept her promise to her egotistical husband while keeping the money. Hopefully, the husband will be able to cash the check when he passes away!

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