The secret of life

A customer today told me; ‘’ If you raise your children, you can spoil your grandkids, but if you spoil your children, you will have to raise your grandkids.’’

I spent almost the whole day pondering on what he said; I felt it didn’t make sense and I had to talk to my mom about it; she always have the answer to everything.

I knew the topic was indeed a long one when she asked that we move to her room, that it’s sure going to be a long night.

She started by talking about my late father and what he always wanted.

While growing up, if there was another word for strict it should be my father; he never let us sleep in friend’s places, nor allowed us to go clubbing.

He was so moral to the core and even on Sundays when we didn’t feel like going to church, he didn’t want to hear about it; at first, I thought he was just strict, but now I know better.

He brought me up in the best way possible and made life easier and better for me.

My mom said they did everything humanly possible to raise us into adults that they won’t be scared of leaving their grandkids in their care, she said that even if death comes knocking on her door that she will willingly follow suit because she knows I will be a great parent.

She told me that what the customer said was right, that if I raised my kids better, then they will always do the same to their kids, and that’s the secret of life.

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