The right people you need in life

If someone makes an effort to stay and be there for you no matter how messed up you are, those are truly the ones you need in your life.

It is said in a lifetime someone only has once to meet people who truly cherish them. Know people worth keeping and taking risks for; be careful who you let into your life, because they can make or mar you.

All my life I never believed in true friends, because of my ugly past. I hated having friends and built walls around myself to stop people from trampling on me.

My past didn’t stop me from keeping people around me; it only stopped me from trusting too much.

I never for once thought my best friend would betray me the way she did. I was almost raped because of her; I never believed it when I was told until I started keeping tabs on me.

We lived together it wasn’t hard finding out she was a drug addict who hated my guts and wanted to destroy my self-esteem at all cost.

Ever since then, I have stopped believing that anyone meant good for me. Along the way, I met people who changed my views about humanity.

I was messed up, but they believed there was still some good in me. They helped me heal from things I never mentioned; they made me a better person and didn’t give up on me even at my worse.

You need the type of people who won’t always pick on the bad pieces of everything; they always looked at the bigger picture.

Be with the right people in life, because they define you. 

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