The remarkable recovery of Miley the Husky dog, who was discovered dying on a trash heap.

When an animal rescuer heard that a white dog had been living there for months in a Los Angeles, California dump, it was a terrifying place.

Eldad Hagar, an animal advocate who co-founded Hope for Paws with his wife Audrey, was startled when he approached the bin.

Miley was close to death, had open wounds and almost no fur on her body. To eat the food he had brought her, she barely raised her head.

He sat with her long enough for her to tie him up, and then he guiding her to the vehicle.

“She got in my car because she actually liked it. “She was so ready to be saved.” In video was uploaded to YouTube, Eldad stated

When she got to the vet, She was given regular medicated baths and allowed to rest. Eldad stated that they were closed completely.

Eldad continued, “Many people are unaware of how exhausting it is to be a stray dog.” You’re always lookout Because you don’t know who will come behind you, attack you, or not be kind to you.

When Miley was placed with a chihuahua who had been rescued from a drain pipe and was terrified of everything, she did appear to brighten up. When she brought this small dog out of his shell, she suddenly had a reason for doing so, and their friendship developed.

In the wake of recuperating from mange, parasites, bacterial diseases and unhealthiness, she started to regrow her fur and bounced back the most gorgeous layer of white.

She was adopted just four months after being rescued.

“Seeing Miley go from that dead dog in the trash to living in one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen is so amazing to me. Eldad told the Huffington Post, “Seeing her so happy was very satisfying.”

He went on to say, “She is just getting more and more beautiful every time I see her.”

It breaks my heart to think that such a wonderful dog died physically and mentally on this disgusting pile of trash.

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