The mother passed away due to a rare childbirth complication while delivering her daughter.

“When women bring their children into the world, it’s easy to overlook their vulnerability.

Despite the progress in medical science, there are numerous potential complications.

Regrettably, this family experienced a heartbreaking loss because of an unusual occurrence. To learn more, please read on.”

Kelli Tyler, a mother from Oklahoma, was eagerly anticipating her fifth child. She was excited to expand her family, already having six children. She regularly kept her followers informed about her pregnancy.

Tragically, Kelli unexpectedly succumbed to a rare childbirth complication shortly after delivering her sixth child.

Just before preparing for the arrival of her new baby, Tyler updated her Facebook profile picture last week. Tragically, she passed away the following day.

Julie Roach, Tyler’s mother, clarified, “Kelli’s bloodstream became contaminated with amniotic fluid, leading to severe blood loss. I believe the last words spoken by my granddaughter were, ‘I’m about to lose consciousness.'”

Amniotic fluid embolisms are described as a “perilous and life-threatening issue,” as per the Cleveland Clinic. This complication can arise during or shortly after childbirth.

It poses a potential fatality risk because “diagnosing it is exceptionally challenging due to symptoms that can resemble other severe childbirth complications.”

According to information from the Cleveland Clinic’s website, there is a puzzling aspect to this: “For reasons largely unexplained, certain individuals experience a severe allergic reaction when amniotic fluid mixes with their bloodstream.” This reaction can result in cardiac arrest, uncontrollable breathing, or lung failure.

Roach recounted her daughter’s last moments, saying, “She would briefly regain consciousness for a moment, and then her condition would deteriorate again.”

“Jalie, the daughter of Tyler, was in the process of being born. It remains uncertain whether the challenging circumstances of her birth will lead to any enduring health concerns. The details will not be disclosed to the family until she matures further.”

“Jalie won’t have the opportunity to meet her mother in person, but she will become familiar with her through photographs and recordings that we plan to revisit,” Roach explained.

To assist with unexpected medical costs and the ongoing support required for the newborn and the family during this challenging period, the family initiated a GoFundMe campaign. Within just one week, the fundraiser has exceeded its initial goal, raising three times the intended amount.

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This is indeed a heart-wrenching narrative, and we extend our best wishes to the family as they cope with this sorrowful situation. Please share this with others to raise awareness about this unusual issue.

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