The mother of two previously stated that she disguised her fear of failure by putting on a mask

When Donatella Versace went to the beach with three male friends in Sardinia, Italy, in this month, she looked amazing. The 65-year-old designer went to the ocean in a clear water with her friends and she enjoyed swimming. During the activity, she showed off her body figure. Donatella wore three different bikinis to show off her figure, each with a plunging neckline and high-waisted bottoms. She was always a fashionista.

She seemed to be in good spirits as she happily did a few laps in the water before getting out to dry off. When she got back to the shore, she got help from a friend. After her brother Gianni was murdered in 1997, the mother-of-two assumed a leadership role at Versace and has previously discussed the pressure to take over her brother’s successful business.
Although her first collection after his death was a success, the brand began to decline before almost collapsing in 2004. Donatella admitted at the time that she had “tearful” nights for several years as she was tormented by nightmares.

She described herself as “wearing a mask” to conceal her insecurities and fear of failure, revealing that when she took over the company, she felt compelled to stand up for the fashion industry and her employees.

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