The Mother of Black and White twins are frequently asked with inquiries regarding which Boy is theirs.

When she gave birth in February of this year, this Nigerian woman, who was 31 years old had no idea what she was going through. She is now able to clearly differentiate her identical twins from her sons. Despite the fact that Daniel and David were born just a few minutes apart, they are not identical.

Both Stacy and Babaji, who are black and live in Lagos, have albino children. Due to their strikingly different appearances, the adorable twins frequently draw attention wherever they go. Daniel resembles his 5 years old older sister, Demilade, with dark skin and black curly hair, while David is strikingly white with pale skin and golden brown hair.

Stacy made the decision to post pictures of the couple’s activities on Instagram, and within a year, the twins had nearly 18,000 followers.

Everyone was completely taken aback when the twins were born on February 26 of that same year.

“When I was pregnant, we were unaware of their differences because the scan showed nothing. As a result, when the first twin, Daniel, emerged with golden hair and the second twin, David with black hair, it was a huge surprise. The doctors said, “It looks like you’re having non-identical twins at all,” because I gave them hair through CS. Stacy, a mother of three, provided the explanation. “Before I knew it, the nurses started looking at them.”

Because one of the twins was black and the other was white, it was easy to tell the two apart.

Stacy shared with us her husband’s sincere reaction to this development.

“Their father was shocked and called My Twin 2 (David) “Golden,” which is why he affectionately refers to him as Mr. Golden. When he saw his son, he was overjoyed. Before looking at the wonderful work of God, he stood for more than ten minutes and said that they were his best gift ever.

David belongs to the very unusual albinism category; This condition affects one in 20,000 babies.

Due to the absence of the pigment melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes, albinism is a congenital condition that alters appearance. All ethnic and racial groups are affected, and the type of pigment has varying effects on pigmentation. Albinism is a rare condition with a birth rate of 3,000 to 20,000 individuals. Albinos should exercise extreme caution due to the possibility of causing vision and skin issues.

Due to oculocutaneous albinism, David has beautiful golden hair and an exceptionally pale complexion. Thankfully, Stacy claims that David is healthy.

With over two million confirmed or suspected cases, Nigeria is one of the nations with the highest albinism prevalence in the world. However, statistics indicate that there is still a significant amount of prejudice against this community due to its members’ skin color. Over 600,000 albino Nigerians are subjected to harassment and discrimination from their peers, family, and community, frequently leading to job difficulties and academic failure.

Stacy asserted that no one has ever criticized her two sons and that they are adored equally and unconditionally.

“There’s always side chat when we go out; people often want to know how and what’s going on, and maybe you just want to come say hello because of your cute and sweet nature.”

Due to their eccentric features, the family of twins received modeling offers from British agencies. The family set up an Instagram account to share their happiness and bring attention to important issues because they are ready to take advantage of every opportunity. Because we believe they have a story to tell, Stacy and I made the decision to establish an account for them in order to raise awareness.

According to Stacy, “They have two different amazing personalities, they are more than a year old, walking, and very playful.”

David is more observant than Daniel is expressive. Both are very interested. David is very picky about what he eats, while Daniel is a glutton; David picks his moments, while Daniel is very playful; Daniel always enjoys playing big brother; They both have a lot of energy.

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