The most beautiful thing is being with someone who cares

I think the most beautiful thing one could ever experience is finding someone who wants your all, even if you’re all a mess.

Human beings always want to feel loved and cared for. No matter how tough we act and try to suppress our feelings, but there’s always that tiny voice in our head shouting out for someone to love them and care for them.

It is natural to ask for love as no one is an island; we are created for each other, and to help ourselves. Man was created to be a companion to one another. If there is something I never lacked it should be love.

I grew up with the love of God and of course the love of my parents. I have spent over twenty years on earth and no one ever showed so much love like my parents did. They were the first people that loved me; they didn’t mind my imperfections and flaws.

Friends and mates will always leave you, but your parents will always be there to welcome you with open arms. Your parents will never deny you or make you feel less of yourself. When growing up, my parents were my greatest fan and motivator.

My mom in particular was my best friend and confidant. I never believed in whatever my peers say about moms, being not understanding and will beat you up at any slightest mistake.

My mom was never like that; she is my best friend and my diary. There’s nothing that goes on in my life without involving her; she made me comfortable around her, that I can’t imagine keeping a secret for her.

She loved me so much and always cares for me; I guess I am the luckiest person on earth

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