The mom told her daughter that she had to choose, because she couldn’t control her son.

A mom talked about her situation on Reddit’s r/AITA. She said she’s been married twice and has kids with a big age difference: her oldest is 25, and the youngest are 7 and 9.

The lady told how her kids think Santa is real and will bring gifts. She mentioned her daughter has a son who doesn’t believe in Santa, and she’s worried he might spoil Christmas for her younger kids.

The person who posted talked to her daughter about it. She asked her daughter to talk to her grandson so he wouldn’t spoil Santa for the younger kids. The daughter refused, saying she won’t make her son lie because her half-siblings are old enough to know fairy tales aren’t real.

Later, the person who posted said she told her daughter to talk to her son about it, or she can spend Christmas in her own place. The daughter got upset, feeling her mom is choosing her siblings over her for a silly reason and called her unreasonable.

The person who posted said her husband agrees with her choice but thinks she was too tough on her daughter. She mentioned, “I just want to keep the Christmas magic alive,” and asked for advice from others on Reddit.

People on Reddit who read the story said the person who posted was wrong in what she did and didn’t like how she dealt with the situation.

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