The model has a hard time finding a job because almost all of her body is covered in tattoos.

An Australian model is saying that it’s difficult for her to get a job. Why? She thinks it’s because she has tattoos on almost all of her body. Most of the news about Amber Luke, who was born in Queensland, is about her tattoos and other changes to her body.

She used around $250,000 to change her look, which is why people call her “Dragon Girl.” Unfortunately, even with all that money spent, Amber is having a tough time finding a job.

Even though Australia is usually forward-thinking, it seems she’s struggling to find work there.

The tattooed model said on a radio show in Brisbane:

“I won’t hide it. My tattoos have made it harder to find a job. But that’s alright. I don’t want to work for a company that judges me only by my looks. They won’t see how hard I work, my principles, or what I can contribute.”

A model with lots of tattoos is having a tough time getting a long-term job.

Sadly, people have been very direct in sharing their thoughts.

“Everyone has their own ideas about what’s beautiful. In some cultures, people stretch their necks, ears, and lips. But it’s okay because we’re all allowed to have our own opinions.”

What bothers me is when someone tells me in public that I’m ugly or that I’ve made myself unattractive. It’s really upsetting to know that people can have such a strong opinion and say it without facing any consequences.

The tattooed model said that her tattoos didn’t harm anyone. Even though her fans asked her to stop getting more tattoos, she feels successful now. She believes the money she spent on changing her appearance was worth it because she’s become very tough.

However, the process was painful. She cried with bright blue tears when she tattooed her eyeballs. She even got a tattoo of it on her chest to remember. It’s interesting to know that she claims the eye tattoo made her stop getting body modifications, but that’s not entirely true. She has still made more changes like getting butt lifts and breast augmentation.

Amber Luke had a lot of surgery.

She shared a photo from 2020, before her changes, on Instagram, and it got a lot of attention.

In her caption, she said, “We all have to start somewhere. This was me when I was 18. I was very, very depressed, wanted to end my life, and felt like a zombie. I didn’t feel much. I disliked myself most of the time, that dislike was deep. It haunted me. But now, I’ve completely changed into someone I’m proud to be. I’m a strong woman who knows exactly what I want and who I am.”

She talked about the dangerous process of tattooing her eyeballs.

She said, “I can’t really explain how it felt, but the closest thing I can say is that when the ink went into my eye, it felt like the tattoo artist took 10 pieces of glass and rubbed them on my eye. They did this four times in each eye, and it was quite tough. Unfortunately, the artist went too deep into my eye. If the eye tattoo is done correctly, you shouldn’t go blind. But I was blind for three weeks, and that was really tough.”

This woman with tattoos is also happy with her teeth, which are another part of her body that she changed. She thinks her teeth make her eyes look more like a dragon’s.

She said, “When I look at my mouth now, I think it’s amazing and really shiny. I’m so pleased with everything I’ve done to my teeth. At first, I got my fangs made longer and sharper, but after a month, I wasn’t happy with how short they were. So, I went back to get them made longer and sharper again, which cost me $1,000 AUD because it used more material, and my private health insurance didn’t cover as much as it did the first time.”

She also said, “I have a VVS white gold tooth, which is permanent, fixed next to my fang. It’s a veneer with a perfect finish, and it cost me $5,000 AUD for just one tooth.”

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