The Man Began Filming An Unusual Scene In The Bus With The Intention Of Humiliating The Bus Driver!

An odd episode occurred on the transport. It was a typical day, the bus was full, and the driver drove calmly.

The driver’s jacket seemed odd, according to one of the passengers; He got closer and saw several insects clinging to the driver’s ears and neck. The man couldn’t believe there were hundreds of them.

He began recording the entire incident, which he later shared on Facebook. The incident was recorded by passenger Primo Onipa, who claimed in a Facebook post that the insects were lice and that he decided to humiliate the bus driver out of shock and disgust.

As per Primo, the driver smelled horrendous and didn’t seem as though he hadn’t showered or put on something else in north of a year. In point of fact, the unfortunate driver can be seen in the pictures and appears to have adjusted to these tiny parasites and is no longer affected.

People on the internet vented their anger quite strongly after watching the video on Facebook, claiming that a man with lice should not be concerned about a bus carrying a lot of passengers.

Lice are tiny insects that feed on blood and live on the scalp. They cause itching by releasing saliva into the skin when eaten.

The appearance of head lice is grey or brown, and they are the size of a sesame seed. The female secretes a chemical that helps the eggs stick to the fur when the temperature is right; Three millimeters from the coat’s base, the eggs attach.

Most of the time, it happens in the back of the neck and behind the ears; It’s possible that there won’t be any itching at first, during the initial illness. The likelihood of superinfection increases when a wound is scratched.

Lice are difficult to spot because they are small and move quickly. However, by covering the infected area with tape, they may eventually become “trapped.”

The worst parasites that can harm a person’s self-esteem and self-image are lice.

Experts say that lice are not a sign of poor hygiene or poverty. Even the cleanest people can get lice. The primary characteristic is that they can transmit numerous diseases from person to person.

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