The lessons I learned

When your children desire to talk to you and share their problems with you, stop everything and listen to them.

Life ripped me off from my childhood and I started catering for my affairs at a very young age.

I had parents who only cared about their respective careers and never cared to hear me out or spend time with me.

During the school open days, they never came and each time I told my dad about it, he always said I should inform my mom, while my mom will redirect me back to my dad.

Kids in school always laughed at me, some said I didn’t have parents and always assumed that the old nanny who always brought me to school was my mom.

I never had anyone to talk to or seek advice from; I lived like an orphan and became the architect of my life.

Many times, I wanted to make things right it never worked. At some points, I felt I was unwanted and they never planned to have me.

I made the worst mistakes and learned a lot of lessons from them and I knew that I have to be a better parent.

I didn’t want my kids to make the same mistakes I made, in high school, I couldn’t get into college because I didn’t know what to do with my life either. I stayed at home for years trying to figure it out.

I will be a mother that will always place her family above everything else.

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